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Developer associate


Code: 43914
SAP is looking for 2013-2015 graduates to join our Development team in Moscow.

Quick facts

City: Moscow
Permanent position
Office job
Contract: Contract

Minimal education level: Last-year student
Minimal work experience: Insignificant

Working schedule
Schedule: Fixed


  • Responsible for development focusing on coding, testing, quality assurance of software features in a development team under the mentoring or coaching of an experienced person
  • Demonstrates full responsibility for accepted tasks and therefore demonstrates a good level of quality, speed, reliability and efficiency
  • Has basic knowledge of products and processes with limited or no design responsibility
  • Working with innovative SAP 4/HANA localization


  • Business English: basic / good
  • Software development expertise C++/C#/JAVA
  • Understanding of finance or accounting will be your plus

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