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F15 Graduate Programme


As an F15 graduate in Arla Foods you enter onto an individually taliored 24-month programme, consisting of three eight-month rotations in three different parts of the company.

The Arla F15® Graduate Programme is flexible to match the individual yet structured to ensure that you are exposed to a versatile picture of Arla Foods as a company and workplace. The programme consists of three job rotations of eight months each.

During the F15® Graduate Programme, you will find yourself in three jobs within different business groups and funtional areas. You enter at least one international position in one of Arla's subsidiaries e.g. in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, Poland, Argentina, USA, China or Dubai. Also, at least one of your positions will be at Arla's headquater in Aarhus, Denmark. Although you have a master’s degree within a specific field e.g. finance, technology or marketing, we will challenge you to assume a position within a different field to make you gain a broad experience of Arla before you set your mind on a specific career.

We offer

A unique development framework

We are passionate about accelerating your career on the job and through competence development. Once selected as a Future Fifteen, we are ready to invest in your potential to hold a key position within Arla Foods in the future. We offer you the best possible framework for this journey and regular feedback on your performance will keep you on track.

Team trainings accelerate your development

The F15® Graduate Programme begins in September with a thorough introduction course to the various fundamentals of the Arla value chain—what we call ‘From Cow to Consumer’.

During the Graduate Programme you will attend team trainings with your F15 colleagues. Arla designs the team trainings targeted to you and closely linked to your role in the organisation. The training enhances your performance and people skills to boost your professional and personal development within business strategy, organ-isational understanding, project management and leadership competence.

To anchor your new skills, you will conduct a team project with your F15® colleagues. This project is an add-on to your job and you will involve and report to stakeholders from across Arla.

Performance reviews to keep you on track

At the end of each job rotation, your host manager will evaluate your performance and behaviour in the current position: Did you reach the objectives and how? This input will inspire you to work with your Personal Development Plan and bring focus to your strengths and areas for improvement.

A Top50 manager will be your personal sponsor

Throughout the F15® Graduate Programme, you will be coached by a personal sponsor from top mangement level who will guide you on your Personal Development Plan and help you build strong networks with colleagues and decisionmakers.

A successful graduate

To qualify for the F15® graduate programme you, as a general rule, need to have an upper-level master’s degree within e.g. business, finance, management or engineering but we keep an open mind towards other educational backgrounds as well. For UK nationals we also accept several bachelor degrees within Engineering, Business Studies, International Business Studies and Marketing.

Your grades reflect your success within your educational field, and fluency in English and international experiences from work or studies abroad are imperative criteria to join the programme. In addition, a student job with a certain amount of responsibility for tasks, training, teams or projects completes the ideal profile.

Your personal character and aspiration are vital to Arla. You are a confident and focused, yet curious and open-minded person who is able to see things in a broader perspective. You learn fast and you are not afraid of asking questions. You are ambitious and ‘ambition’ not only concerns your own performance but also to enable others to succeed. You strive to deliver results independently but also enjoy the synergies of teamwork.

How to apply

In your application you must convince us that you with your background and profile have the potential to become a key employee in Arla Foods and that we should invite you to a personal interview. Please attach your CV and your academic certificates from your studies and any other document you find relevant.

People from several different countries will handle your application and the only language they have in common is English. It is therefore imperative that your application is in English. Non-English applications will not be taken into consideration. That also means that your exams papers must be translated into English, unless they are in either English, German or any of the Scandinavian languages.

Email your application documents to f15@arlafoods.com with "eGraduate.ru: F15 Graduate Programme" subject line. Please send a copy of your application to hr@arla.ru.


Selection process is over. Use this information to prepare for the next selection. Subscribe to our calendar or mailing list not to miss the start of the programme.

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