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Gruma is the most globalized food company from Mexico, indisputable worldwide leader in corn flour and tortilla production. It produces and markets products in 100 plants across the world employing over 25,000 people.

Main facts about Gruma

  • Gruma is the world’s leading cornflour and flatbread manufacturer with consumers enjoying products that include Tortillas, Nan, Pitta, Khobez, Levash, Piadina, meal kits and corn chips in addition to various corn flour products.
  • Gruma serves industrial, retail, and foodservice customers. It has an international expansion that includes operations in Mexico, United States, Europe, Central America, Venezuela, Asia and Oceania with the presence of brands Maseca, Mission and Guerrero, among others.
  • In 2012 Gruma had revenues of over USD $4Billion and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and headquartered in Mexico.
  • In Europe Gruma operates from 10 sites including 8 manufacturing sites: two in the United Kingdom, two in the Netherlands, one each in Russia, Ukraine, Italy and Turkey.
  • Gruma competitive advantages, permitted the Company to develop not only in Mexico, but has also to transcend to international markets who became, in a growing industry from the processing of corn into flour, based on major technological and administrative developments.

Gruma’s history

On May 3, 1949 the first processed corn flour production plant in the world was inaugurated in Cerralvo, Nuevo León, signaling the beginning of Gruma. Molinos Azteca (Aztec Mills), the parent company of Gruma, was launched as the first producer of processed corn flour in the world.

In the early 1970s Gruma launched its product on the Central American markets, specifically in Costa Rica. In 1976 it arrived to the United States, achieving since then a sustained growth in sales volume.

In 1987 Gruma expanded its operations beyond the south border, opening plants in Honduras in 1987, and in El Salvador and Guatemala in 1993.

Later, in 1994 began operating in Venezuela and, in a very significant step in Gruma’s history, it began operating its first tortillas plant in Europe. Furthermore, it successfully entered the wheat flour business in Mexico and Venezuela.

In 1999 the company opened offices in Coventry, England and the plant began operating in 2000 with the production of corn tortillas and wheat.

In 2006 Gruma also expanded its presence in the Oceania region, and the first plant in Asia started operations in Shanghai, China. Already established in China, Gruma realized that Malaysia had an small processing plant flatbreads which it acquired in 2007 that came to strengthen the presence of the brand in the Asian country.

In 2009 Gruma had historical sales. Mission brand is launched in Australia with an attractive product portfolio and inaugurates the new generation technology plant. Gruma was honored as Global Business Excellence by the World Finance Magazine.

In 2010 Gruma launched the line “Mission flatbreads of The World” in Australia and Europe. The results of new brands succeeded in its first year and it was recognized as one of the leader brands. Also in 2010 it was inaugurated the Panorama City Plant in the USA with high specifications of sustainability, energy and water savings. And the plant in Ukraine was also opened.

Corporate philosophy


To be the absolute worldwide leader in the production, sale and distribution of processed corn flour and tortillas, and an important player in wheat flour and its by-products, such as flatbreads, as well as one of the main grain and basic foodstuffs processors in Mexico, the United States, Central America, Venezuela, Europe, Asia and Oceania.


To generate long-term dynamic and profitable growth, as well as to create the maximum value for its stockholders, by focusing primarily on its key businesses: processed corn flour, tortillas and wheat flour. To give clients and consumers superior-quality products and services, using the most efficient manufacturing and marketing systems.


Effort. With effort and dedication Gruma today is the undisputed leader in the production of corn flour and tortilla, besides being a major player in the category of flatbreads, Gruma has become a global food company, current and reliable through products high quality and strong brands.

Commitment. Committed to those who have made us who we are: our consumers, customers and employees. Our commitment is to our country and the world.

Trascendence. Gruma has trascend with great success in Mexico and the world for 60 years, being a proudly Mexican company with more than 90 plants, more than 20,000 employees with presence in over 100 countries, processing over 6 million tons of grains per year and also sold in different markets: wheat flour, rice, cooking oil, snacks, pastries, palm and condiments.

Perseverance. With perseverance Gruma has always had a great business vision to reach all corners of the world with success and over time has always managed to overcome financial crisis going forward always very positive, in addition to great learning and growth obtained.

Gruma for students and graduates

We have a superb opportunity for talented Engineering graduates to make a difference in Gruma Europe. During our Graduate Programme you will be exposed to all aspects of the business and will be given real responsibility from day one in real live job assignments in our manufacturing plant in Moscow, Russia.

These jobs will bring you face-to-face with a results-focused culture in which creativity, initiative and the dedication to succeed are highly valued. We'll encourage you to develop your skills and career through challenging roles in maintenance and production management.

Gruma Corporation Brands

Программы для студентов и выпускников Gruma

Gruma Graduate Programme
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Gruma, the leading multinational food company from Mexico, is looking for graduates. This is a two-year graduate scheme. Following successful completion there will be opportunities across Europe.
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