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Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser

RB in a nutshell

Our vision is a world where people are healthier and live better.

Our purpose is to make a difference by giving people innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes.

Beating the competition

Our financial figures speak for themselves. Year after year we have consistently delivered the fastest growth in our sector. In 2012, we achieved our targets in a challenging economic climate, with net revenue increasing by 4%. Like-for-like growth was at +5%, well ahead of our market growth, driven by excellent performance in emerging market areas and the Europe & North America region.

Targeting growth

We focus heavily on markets with significant growth potential. For example, we invest heavily in the relatively new automatic dishwashing category rather than in the congested laundry detergent category. Instead of investing in generic soaps and cleansers we specialise in the fast growing young skin care category. By seeking out fast growing categories where there is real consumer demand we can maximise both our returns and our growth.

Innovation — our winning formulas

Within these fast growing categories we invest disproportionately in our 19 Powerbrands. 16 of these 19 are now No.1 or No.2 worldwide. We top the league for our rate of product innovation – on average, 30% of revenue comes from innovations launched in the last three years. Since 2000 we have consistently outperformed our industry peer group.

Our future success, just like our success so far, will depend on the commercial drive, ingenuity and ambition of our people. If you think you can deliver results as good as these or better, we invite you to join us.

Life at Reckitt Benckiser

It takes a certain type of person to thrive here.

We work in a fast and demanding environment, but one that's highly rewarding, both personally and professionally, at the same time. Whichever team you join, we're going to ask a lot of you. We expect you to ask a lot of us in return.

We'll offer you the chance to enjoy an international career and the challenging environment and responsibility you've been looking for with a truly global innovator, as long as we think you'll prove us right.

We're unique

To join any one of our teams you need to share our drive. It's a determination that comes from within each of us. It's the motivation you get from not just seeing great results, but knowing you are behind them. It's the passion you need to push yourself, your idea, your project even further.

Our core values


We don’t just aim high, we strive for outperformance.

RB people:

  • Require and inspire others to deliver stretching objectives
  • Display a high sense of urgency and speed of action
Reckitt Benckiser


Daring to be different, taking calculated risks.

RB people:

  • Offer an independent viewpoint and challenge the status quo
  • Passionately turn creative ideas into effective business solutions


Leveraging relationships for outperformance.

RB people:

  • Use conflict appropriately and resolve it quickly to enhance overall effectiveness
  • Seek to maximise individual and collective wins
  • 1+1=3 attitude


Doing whatever it takes to win.

RB people:

  • Show determination to deliver and never give up, despite obstacles
  • Do not wait to be asked or told, but identify what needs to be done
  • Own the outcome and do whatever it takes to get there

Why join RB?

You want a view of a great future. We are setting the pace.

Join Reckitt Benckiser and you’ll join a global FMCG powerhouse, whose Powerbrands hold No. 1 positions in seven worldwide market categories.

You want to work in an entrepreneurial environment that will give you a global perspective and let you use your initiative.

As a global leader, we rely on moving faster, thinking more creatively and acting more decisively than our competitors.

We’ll give you a role with real meaning from day one. That means genuine ownership for what you deliver and responsibility for your results.

You want to be heard, seize opportunities and take risks.

We’ve built our success on a quick thinking, fast-acting culture, so you can look forward to a role that will have real impact on a business that continues to outpace the global markets.

You’ll need the character, resilience and ambition to make the most of this opportunity. So you’ll be passionate about your career, about our business and about improving the lives of our consumers. In return, you can expect an exciting, fast paced and international career, and the satisfaction that comes from driving a dynamic global business to greater heights.

Top 5 reasons you should think about a career with RB

  • Join a global FMCG Powerhouse
  • Get on a fast track to a great future
  • Build your success in an entrepreneurial culture
  • Enjoy taking responsibility from the start
  • Grow with us and we’ll invest in your global career

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Reckitt Benckiser offers you the genuine prospect of becoming a highly-performing leader and the chance to add to the collective passion that drives our extraordinary results.
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